Safety and Security

FEA cares about you and wants you to be safe while at and when traveling to and from its events.

Here are some safety reminders:

  1. Beware of travel scams
  2. Take care in choosing ground transportation.
  3. Write down emergency information.
  4. Have list of medications and medical issues.
  5. Share your itinerary.
  6. Take pictures of and Lock up valuables.
  7. Hide emergency cash/don’t flash valuables.
  8. Use RFID blockers.
  9. Learn self-defense.
  10. Stay sober (relatively sober, anyway).
  11. Be aware of your surroundings.
  12. Look for exits every time you enter a building.
  13. Review hotel evacuation route.
  14. Choose a consistent place to keep your room key card.
  15. Buddy up. Have someone who knows what you’re doing/where you’re going at all times.
  16. Don’t talk too much to strangers.
  17. Avoid oversharing (online or otherwise).
  18. Steer clear of animals.
  19. Consider subscribing to
  20. Consider purchasing an alarm devise like this hotel door alarm.