FEA Fall Webinar Series

The FEA is commencing its 2019 Fall webinar series featuring one-hour webinars approved for CES® credit hours.   
The Fall 2019 series will cover in-demand as well as brand-new topics.  All participants will receive a copy of the PowerPoint presentation and any prepared handouts.  There will also be a Question & Answer session at the end of each webinar.
The FEA is making every effort to keep the cost as low as possible to make these webinars affordable for everyone.  Education is critical to the long-term success of the CES® designation and our industry. 

The cost per credit hour is just $39 for CES Designees and $45 for all others.

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Friday, December 27, 2019 – 12:00 PM Eastern

CES® Council Ethics Roundtable

CES® Councilmembers

This webinar will focus on several ethical dilemmas often encountered by QIs and how they were dealt with.  Don't miss this chance to earn your ethics credit—this webinar qualifies for CE ethics credit.


Stay tuned for the scheduling of upcoming topics. 


Information for CES® Designees:


  • Each webinar is pre-approved for one (1) CES® credit hour. 

  • If you are seeking CES® credit hours, you must register and participate individually.  Multiple Designees in one office must register separately to receive the credit hour. 

  • A representative of the CES® Council will be present on each webinar and will track the attendance of participants.  The roster of attendees will be provided to the CES® Council so the credit hour can be logged in the records of the individual Designees. 

  • You are not eligible to receive credit for a session you previously attended at an FEA Conference or webinar. 

  • For Designees with a renewal period ending 12/31/19, the CES® Certification Council requires a minimum of 12 credit hours be earned through live, in-person learning.  FEA-sponsored webinars qualify as live, in-person learning.

  • Please keep in mind that those with a renewal period ending 12/31/19 are required to obtain at least two (2) hours of Ethics education by the end of the renewal period.  

For additional information on the webinars and your CES® renewal or continuing education requirements, please contact Kelly Pearl, CES® Certification Council Renewal Chair, at kelly.pearl@calbt.com