FEA Celebrates 30 Years of 1031 Exchange Professionalism 
Celebrating 30 Years and Counting 
1989- 2019


Over the past 30 years, together we have created, built and sustained the 1031 industry and the Federation of Exchange Accommodators. Take a look at these historical highlights going back to the beginning and take a journey through the years:

  • Historical Highlight #1 - The 1980's marks the beginning of collaboration among like-minded professionals formed in response to the growing number of 1031 exchanges.

  • Historical Highlight #2 - By 1990 practitioners across various vibrant sections of the Western states were asking the same questions.

  • Historical Highlight #3 - Mid-1990's, the FEA then started receiving requests for information from far beyond the California and Oregon borders as the business moved East.

  • Historical Highlight #4 - In 2000, the FEA membership overwhelming voted to proceed with a voluntary certification program. The inaugural CES® examination was administered on May 15, 2003 in Washington, D.C.

  • Historical Highlight #5 - By design and with perseverance the FEA has taken an active role in legislation at both the state and national levels for 25 years.

  • Historical Highlight #6 - FEA in Battle and on Attack at Capitol Hill

  • Historical Highlight #7 - Words of Wisdom over Time: A Few Quotations from FEA Presidents

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